Privacy Notice

Welcome to visit! We promise to protect the visitor’s privacy with the privacy declare. The following writing will open to the public for information gathering and the using state of our website. Now the privacy declare is always been improved; with the enlarge of our service range, we will update our privacy declare all the time. Welcome to check our privacy declare by any time. Please feel free to feedback your ideas to any time.

When you agree with the ledlightsmarket service agreement, you have agreed with that we could use and announce your personal information according to the privacy declare, we never public your information to the third part. All the articles of the privacy declared belongs to one part of the agreement.
The special announcements for juvenile
If you are not enough 18 years, you have the right to use the service, so we don’t hope you provide any personal information of your to us. If you are not exceed 18 years, you only could use the company service with the accompany of your parents or guardian.

Username and password
When you plan to register the user, we will request you choose a username and password, you also need to supply the sign question and answer of the password to confirm your ID if you lost your password with carelessness. You only could use the accounts according to your password. If you reveal your password to others, you will possibly lose your personal recognition information and it also caused the adverse judicial action to you. So you should contact with us according to for any case if your password safe is in crisis.

Register information
When you register to be the user, we need to request you fill in the register form. The form need you provide your true name, address, nationality, telephone no. and email address. If you are our company client, you also need to provide your company address, telephone no. and the short introduction of your company’s service and products. You also have the right to fill in the additional information which maybe includes the province or city, timezone, postal service no., fax no., homepage and your duties for your company. We use the register information to get the users’ statistics materials. We will classify our clients according to the statistics data so that we could supply the new service to our users specially. We will advise you the new service by email.

Your transaction action
We follow your IP address to be sure your safe. We will delete the IP address we have gathered in time if we don’t find and safe problems. We also follow all day’s page visiting data, because it could reflect the flow of the website and also for us to make plan for the future development(including adding servers)

Email service
Ledlightsmarket will retain the way by email to have the rights to inform the service of the website registering, trade clients sending order information and sales promotion. If you register and shop on the ledlightsmarket, it means you have accepted the service. If you don’t want to receive the email, message or proceedings of a conference from ledlightsmarket, you could apply retreat to ledlightsmarket service department and mark your email address, and then ledlightsmarket will transact the procedure for you when they received your email.

The third part
We will not provide, sale. Rent, share and transact users’ personal information to any other third part.

Outer interlinking
Our website includes interlinking with other websites. Ledlightsmarket will not response to the privacy protect steps for those websites. We will possibly add the business partners or websites used the same brand if need at any time, but we only supply the comprehensive information, not your personal information and ID and so on.

Our website has the matching safety steps to make sure the information we have mastered not lost, abused or changed. These safety steps include that copy to other servers and encrypt to the user password. Although we have the safety steps, please be careful that there isn’t complete  safety steps on internet.

Amend your information
You could revise or update your personal information and password(after entering) on ledlightsmarket at any time.

Contact us
If you have any question or advice and on using point to the privacy declare or privacy protect steps, please feel free to contact with us, our email address is : Thanks.