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We specialize in LED lighting fixtures, offering a wide selection, including Strip lights, spotlights, bulbs, tubes, downlights,panel lights and modules . Our mission is to create practical, usable products that are aesthetically pleasing.
all of our products meet CE, RoHS and UL standards, and our factory is ISO 9001:2000-certified.

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    LED Strips

     Our led strips used very soft PCB board as a substrate, low-voltage high-brightness SMD (3528,5050) as a luminous body, and luminous body is evenly arranged on PCB board's front side, which makes the features: lit as transparent as crystal, bending amplitude, easy to install and so on.

    LED light blubs

    LED light blubs include E27 Series , GU10 Series,MR16 Series. LED light source uses DC-driven ultra-low power devices. Also the power supply is intelligent enough to protect itself.

    It has high quality,durable,energy-saving and so on. LED light bulb uses the new technology, digitized designs, saving up to 70%. LED light lift is 10 times more than the ordinary lamp. If you want to buy LED lights like: Energy, long life,applicability, short response times, recycling easy and colorful, I advise you choose our LED light bulbs. Because we can offer the lowest price and services high quality LED light. We will try our best to reach customers' needs, can provide according to customer requirements.We have a number of loyal customers. We believe our current strength will be able to meet your requirement and provide satisfactory service for you.Choose us are your best choice.

    LED SpotLights

    LED Spotlight include E27 Series , GU10 Series,MR16 Series. LED RGB Color Changing.Use high-grade aluminum cooling plate's exterior design, Efficient energy-saving, no radiation, no flicker.

    LED Strip kits

    Designed for the average homeowner as well as lighting professionals, this light can be used for architectural lighting, sign letter lighting, concealed lighting, perimeter lighting amongst many other applications. Our LED ribbon is the coolest and most efficient way to decorate tables, shelves, entertainment rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, closets, etc